Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) requirements

UK VCAS, 'Life in the UK', and English language test centres reopening after closures due to coronavirus

While UK VCAS, 'Life in the UK', and English language, centres have been going through a phased reopening since June, those intending to apply for ILR may still want to postpone submitting their application until later in the year. As there is a backlog of applications submitted while centres were closed it can take longer to obtain appointments. Also as the priority ILR application options were suspended by the Home Office and have not yet been reintroduced, a standard ILR application could take up to six months to process, during which time the applicant must not travel as if they do their application will automatically be cancelled.

Anyone intending to submit an ILR application, and particularly those who must submit their application soon before their current visa expires, should contact the Staff Immigration Team for advice.


The information provided in the pages below aims to highlight the main requirements but does not provide full guidance. Home Office guidance, the online ILR application, and the document checklist generated when an application is submitted should make clear everything which is required.

Some ILR requirements are the same for all applicants over 18 years old at the time the application is submitted. Other ILR requirements are specific to the type of visa the applicant holds. Information on requirements specific to some types of visas is provided below.


The Staff Immigration Team (SIT) has made every effort to ensure the information provided on these pages is correct when published, but it is provided as an introduction only and does not constitute complete comprehensive guidance. Applicants should always check the requirements and can discuss any queries with SIT before applying.


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