Global Talent - Future visa application and applying for ILR

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A current Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) visa holder or Global Talent visa holder can apply to extend their visa.

The applicant can request that the visa is valid between 1 - 5 years. The conditions to apply for an extension are: 

  • the organisation that endorsed you has not withdrawn its approval
  • you earned money in your expert field during your last period of leave in the UK - the guidance notes have a full list of acceptable evidence
  • the visa holder submits their visa application before their current visa expires



Please read the guidance on the Global Talent visa before you apply.



Please see our Global Talent visa costs page for information on the visa and Immigration Health Surcharge (NHS) fees.


Biometric information

If applying in the UK, an additional charge of £19.20 will need to be paid to get the biometric information (fingerprints and a photo) taken.


For more information, please see the Home Office 'Extend your Global Talent visa' webpage.


Holders of certain visas may be able to switch into different visa categories whilst remaining in the UK as long as they submit their application before their existing visa expires. For tailored advice on whether this is possible and what procedures to follow, please contact the Staff Immigration Team.