Reimbursement Policy

The University recommends the following visa reimbursement policy:

  • Departments are always expected to pay for the first visa of a new employee if either a Skilled Worker or a Global Talent visa and any premium appointment fees if agreed necessary by the department. Visas may be paid for out of grant funding, please be aware that visa costs for people already in the UK are a taxable benefit and should be charged as such.
  • Departments may decide to pay Skilled Worker visa extensions. Please note the tax point above.
  • Departments may decide to pay the premium appointment fee for visa extensions in order to ensure that the employee’s work related travel plans are not interrupted.

It is recommended that departments should not pay for Tier 5 visas, Indefinite Leave to Remain visas, any Immigration Health Surcharges, applications for British citizenship and any dependant related visa costs. 

Please note that reimbursement of all visa fees are regarded as a taxable benefit unless it is a new employee applying for their visa outside the UK.

For more information on the reimbursement of visa fees, please contact


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