Skilled Worker salary threshold changes

The minimum threshold, which must be met in all cases, have increased from £25,600 to £26,200, and for ‘New Entrants’ from £20,480 to £20,960. Additionally the salary thresholds, for specific job codes have increased in many case, decreasing slightly in others. University salaries should normally be sufficient, but in some cases you may need to offer a salary higher up the advertised scale, or rely on ‘New Entrant’ or PhD tradeable points to benefit from lower thresholds.

SIT determines the applicable job code for a role based on the job description and advises on the relevant salary thresholds, this is not something departments, faculty, colleges, are expected to work out.

Grade 7 Departmental Lecturer roles

The job code for lecturer roles has seen a significant increase with the threshold now £41,200 per annum. Senior Departmental Lecturer (Grade 8 and above) or Professorial roles should meet this threshold, or be eligible under the Global Talent visa route.

Grade 7 Departmental Lecturer roles, however, would not be eligible under the Global Talent visa route, and so will require a salary at grade 7.7 or higher to meet this threshold, unless the applicant is a ‘New Entrant’ or can rely on PhD tradeable points.

If you have any current or planned recruitment for grade 7 Departmental Lecturer roles, or have a current Skilled Worker visa holder in this role where the salary may not meet this threshold to extend their visa, please contact SIT to discuss and explore tradeable points options, and/or other visa routes.


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