Six year limit under Tier 2 and ILR employer template letter

A maximum limit of six years spent under Tier 2 was introduced in April 2011 and the first Tier 2 visa holders sponsored by the University after this date are now at or approaching this limit, beyond which they cannot extend. In order to remain in the UK they will need to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) or under a different visa route.

SIT is identifying those approaching their six year limit under Tier 2, and is contacting them 4-6 months in advance to provide information and offer advice on the ILR requirements and process. SIT will copy the sponsoring department/ college when contacting the Tier 2 visa holder. If you receive queries in relation to ILR applications, or are aware of someone approaching their six year limit who has not yet been contacted by SIT, please contact Tim Currie (on (2)89903 /

When applying for ILR, Tier 2 visa holders will require a letter from their employer confirming details of their role, that their employment is continuing, and that their salary will not drop in the foreseeable future. The letter must also confirm the history of absences from the UK which the applicant lists in their ILR application. A template employer letter is available from SIT. Letters from any previous employers confirming absences from the UK during the periods working in previous roles within the 5 year qualifying period for ILR will also be required.


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