Right to work and the new casual payroll system

By April, all departments will be following the casual pay process for casual workers. As part of this process, all casual workers need a valid right to work record to be present on their CoreHR record.

Phase one of the casuals project has highlighted that there are many open casual records that don’t have a valid right to work on the system. The new process will help to address this over time. However, to reduce the time spent chasing missing information, we are asking all departments who have not already done so (with the exception of Data Service users) to take the following action:

  •  Run tab three of the report PERDEP41_Immigration and Right to Work with the parameter for Employee Status set to “Worker” to identify all open casual records in your department.
  •  Export the report to Excel and filter to identify those records that have a missing or invalid right to work entry.
  •  Either add the right to work record to the UDF in CorePersonnel following the guidance contained in section D1 of QRG PA11 OR end the appointment if appropriate following the guidance in section J.


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