Restrictions no longer apply to Croatian nationals

As of 1 July 2018 restrictions on Croatian nationals’ rights to work in the UK no longer apply. As a result, Croatian nationals no longer need sponsorship or a registration certificate and can now simply rely on their passport, or a valid national identity card, to evidence their right to work in the UK.

SIT have informed the small number of Croatian nationals within the collegiate University who were sponsored under Tier 2 of the change and have reported the end of their sponsorship to the Home Office.

As you should already have right to work copies of passports or valid national identity cards for any other Croatian employees, you can update their right to work record to show that their passport or national identity card is now a List A document as they now have the same rights as any other EEA national.

A new right to work record should be entered in CoreHR for University employees to reflect the end of restrictions. Under ‘List A’ you should select ‘UK/ EEA (except Croatian)/ Swiss’. This is the correct option and SIT is working with the HRIS support team to have this updated to remove ‘(except Croatian)’.

Any new Croatian employees should be treated the same as any other EEA national with a current or expired passport, or current national identity card accepted as evidence of right to work in the UK.

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