Proposed new ‘settled status’ scheme for EU citizens and their families

The UK government has published information on the proposed new ‘settled status’ scheme for EU citizens and their family in the UK. While ‘nothing is agreed until everything is agreed’, the information provided does help to explain what has been agreed so far with the EU and how the new system should work.

While the agreement with the EU does not cover the non-EU European Economic Area (EEA) states (Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway) and Switzerland, the UK government has stated that talks with these four states are also progressing and it is intended that the same system will be open to their citizens on a similar basis as for EU citizens.

Home Office information for EU citizens in the UK is available at:

Information on the new ‘settled status’ scheme and the more detailed ‘statement of intent’ are available at: and, respectively.

SIT provides advice on the requirements and application process under the current EEA routes, and will offer similar assistance for applications under the new scheme when this is launched. If anyone has queries in relation to the rights of EU/ EEA citizens and their families in the UK, please advise them to talk to SIT.

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