EU Settlement Scheme & Brexit updates

BREXIT & advice for EU,EEA & Swiss staff

Existing staff

It is still not clear whether the UK will leave the EU with or without a deal or if ‘Brexit’ will be delayed.

What has been confirmed is that in all scenarios EU, EEA, and Swiss nationals and their family members who are resident in the UK before Brexit will have until December 2020 to apply for Pre-Settled (if in the UK less than 5 years) or Settled (if in the UK 5 years or more) status.

On 30 March the full EU Settlement Scheme opens. This will allow applicants to apply using the Android phone app, or on a tablet, computer, by post and in person.


There will be no application fee for Pre-Settled or Settled status when the full scheme opens and those who applied through either pilot stage should have their fee reimbursed by the Home Office. SIT will provide advice and guidance on the full EU Settlement Scheme as soon as this is released.


New staff & visitors


  •  If a DEAL is reached or Brexit is DELAYED the rules for Europeans will not change until the transition period ends at the end of December 2020.
  •  If the UK leaves with NO DEAL Europeans arriving after Brexit will be able to come to the UK to visit, study and/or work for up to three months. If they intend to stay for longer they will need to apply under a new ‘Temporary’ (3yr) visa route from within the UK. Non-European family members will need to apply for a ‘Family Permit’ before coming to the UK. SIT will provide guidance on these new routes when this information is published by the Home Office.

As the Brexit outcome and consequences become clearer, information will be available on the central University Oxford and Brexit page. Details of the new application routes (in a no deal scenario) will be provided by SIT on their Brexit information page, and through other communications.

Please direct any queries from existing or potential EU/EEA staff and visitors to James Baker (on (2)89908 / or Tim Currie (on (2)89903 /


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