New online Right to work checking service

As part of the new EU Settled Visa Scheme, the Home Office have introduced a new online Right to Work check portal.

This allows an individual to request a ‘share code’ from the Home Office, which along with their date of birth can then be used to confirm valid RTW. Printing or saving electronically the results provides a ‘statutory excuse’. However:

  •  The system only works if the individual has a BRP or status issued under the EU Settlement Scheme

  •  Use of the system is currently optional

University policy (in common with many other Universities) is currently not to use the new online system as it does not work for the majority of cases and currently makes adding RTW information into CoreHR more difficult.

If an individual insists on using this system or you believe using the new system may be an easier option for a ‘remote’ RTW check, please contact SIT to discuss.

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