Applications for children travelling to the UK with their parents

In two recent cases dependant visa applications for children have been refused as only one parent was in, or coming to, the UK on a UK visa.

Please note that where a child is applying for a dependant visa, both of the applicant's parents must be lawfully present in the UK (or being granted entry clearance or leave to remain at the same time as the applicant)  unless:

  • the PBS migrant is the applicant’s sole surviving parent
  • the PBS migrant or Appendix W Worker has and has had sole responsibility for the applicant’s upbringing
  • there are serious or compelling family or other considerations which would make it desirable not to refuse the application and suitable arrangements have been made in the UK for the applicant’s care


Please highlight this point to visa applicants and if you, or the applicants, have any queries please contact SIT well in advance of submitting the visa applications.

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