Employing visa holders as casual workers

Each month SIT checks that all casual workers have a correct right to work record and also checks the hours worked by Student/Tier 4 visa holders across all departments and colleges.


For compliance reasons, payments will be stopped where:

  • CoreHR Right to Work records for an employee are missing or are not up to date; or
  • Pay is claimed for hours worked after the visa expiry date in CoreHR; or
  • A Student/Tier 4 student visa holder is working over 20 hours in a week and SIT does not have the necessary proof the student is permitted to exceed the weekly working hours. See more information below.

    Please note that hours worked should be entered on the spreadsheet in the row corresponding to the week in which the work took place.  Sometimes payments are not correctly allocated to each week or entered as a duplicate to a previous payment.


Departments are reminded that where they are employing a Student/Tier 4 student visa holders to work over 20 hours per hour, relevant documentation must be sent to Tier4casualpayments@admin.ox.ac.uk to avoid the payment being stopped.
The required documents may vary depending on the type of course the student is doing. Please see below for suggestions of acceptable documentation.


Student/Tier 4 Student visa holder on taught course (bound by term dates):

  • A printout from the student’s education institution’s website (or other material published by the institution) showing the term dates or setting out its timetable for the student’s course;
  • A copy of a letter or email addressed to the student from their education institution confirming term-time dates for the student’s course; or
  • A letter addressed to you as the employer from the education institution confirming term-time dates for the student’s course.


PhD student or graduate research student (no term dates):

  •  A letter from the student’s supervisor which confirms the student is on vacation for a period of time (specifying dates) and that they are not expected to study or complete any work towards their thesis during this time.
     You may use the Graduate Student Employment Template Letter to give to the student’s research supervisor to complete as evidence that the student may take full-time employment.


Please contact Solveig Alsaker (solveig.alsaker@admin.ox.ac.uk) with questions you may have about this.





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