Arriving after Brexit

The status of, and rules for, Europeans and their family members already resident, or arriving, in the UK before the end of the transition period on 31 December 2020 will not change. Those coming to the UK from January 2021 after the transition period has ended will need to apply for some form of visa under a new immigration system starting in January 2021.

The Staff Immigration Team (SIT) is involved in discussions and consultations with the Home Office as well as other universities and organisations within our sector (such as the Russell Group, UK Research and Innovation, the Universities & Colleges Employers Association (UCEA) and Universities UK) on the requirements of the new immigration system.

These pages will be updated as soon as any details of new requirements for Europeans and their family members are published.

The Staff Immigration Team (SIT) is happy to help with any queries and discuss what may be required depending on when Europeans and/or their family members will be coming to the UK.

The UK government published a policy paper on 'The UK's future skills-based immigration system' in December 2018, which set out the likely visa requirements for EU/EEA nationals coming to visit or live in the UK after December 2020. The policy paper set out some details of changes to the UK immigration system, but stated that the government would be consulting widely as they develop the system before launch in early 2021, so the full details of the new system would not be available for some time. The UK government has not recently confirmed whether they will still continue with the proposals set out in this policy paper, and may be considering more substantial changes to the structure of the UK immigration system.

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